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All-Inclusive Tuition


At DCLU, our all-inclusive tuition includes all of your books, materials, and the diploma that you receive upon graduation.


Paying Your Tuition

By establishing a variety of payment options, DCLU makes it possible for you to continue your education regardless of your financial circumstances. Students may elect to pay in advance by either check, money order, or major credit card. Finance plans are available and allow you to pay an initial down payment, with the remainder of your tuition due in monthly installments.


A minimum down payment $795 plus an additional $95 for S/H is required for enrollment.


Bachelor’s $795

Master’s    $795

Doctoral    $795


For more information, please call your admissions advisor at 1-(901) 850-4469.




Bachelor’s*   $ 5,000

Master’s        $ 7,000

Doctor of Ministry (DMin)    $ 8,500

Doctoral (ThD)   $ 8,500

(Biblical Model) Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)(B.M.)   $ 8,500

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)   $ 8,500

Honorary Doctor of Philosophy   $ 2,500

Honorary Doctor of Divinity   $ 2,500



(Full Diploma Course)   $ 2,450



(As required)   $ 450


The cost of prerequisites that may be required for master’s and/or doctoral level enrollment are not included within degree program costs.


Please be aware that enrollment costs associated with overseas shipments may be slightly higher and subject to change. If this is applicable to you, please request a fee schedule.


Canadian and international students are responsible for all of their shipping costs. These students may be required to pay additional “duties” required by customs authorities upon receipt of study materials.

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